Here is what parents who have taken my parenting classes thought about…

the Positive Discipline Method:

“It is a solid program, based on credible research and good values, taught by an amazing teacher.”

“It seems at its core to be about mutual respect and empowering children to grow up to be better adults, which is my ultimate goal for my children.”

“It’s not radical, it just makes sense.”

“Real tools available to foster mutual trust and respect and avoid power struggles.”

“This is a great, loving approach to raising kids. Positive Discipline will help our son grow into a better person and make our family stronger.”

“This class provides invaluable tools that can help any parent! These are key communication tools.”

“[Parents] will come home with a tool box… The format was great and whenever we left we were always surprised at how much fun it was. Everything was so useful.”

“Positive Discipline helps create connectedness and respect.”

“It works and I wish I had discovered this before.”

“These are easy changes one can make to be a more effective and fun parent.”

“We all need more tools in our ‘tool box’ to help us be the best parents we can be.”

“No matter what [your] level of learning/understanding/ [you] are bound to find something that would help or support [your] current ideas.”

“It works!”

Julia’s classes:

“I loved Julia, I love the concepts and applications. I find this parenting style to be intuitive (sometimes hard) but worth it.”

“[I would recommend this to another parent] because [Julia] is amazing. [She] seemed more like a guide, someone who is in it with us, not like a teacher who just knows it all.”

“Julia was super knowledgeable and empathetic- great demeanor/style. The content was super applicable, great group dynamics.”

“Julia has been wonderful to work with. She is so positive and encouraging.”

“[I recommend this class] all the time! Because it makes sense and because we otherwise tend to repeat what we know/have seen from our parents. The course helps you to take the emotional burden off of the table and work together and more respectfully with your kids to find solutions.”

“Great facilitator, not terribly hokey, just good, useful tips.”

“[This class] has changed our lives and I think it will probably change how my kids turn out.”

“Great course, good set of tools for better parenting.”

“[The class] provides a structure to raise our kids in a kind, firm, & positive environment.”

“The content is great, but also just the process of taking time each week with other parents is so helpful on many levels.”

“There are so many aspects of the class that I like. I liked the reflection at the end, the scripts to use and memorize, the community support and teamwork on how to approach each family’s personal problem.”

the changes they saw in their families:

“I definitely see my personal attitude as being more positive and more patient. I see more communication from my older kids and more snuggles from my younger one. I actually think my 7 year old is a more comfortable, self-assured person in his classroom based on his home-life changes.”

“My husband and I are more in sync and working together with our son. The environment has less strife and conflict.”

“I notice and understand that my actions make all the difference in the world. When I react in a thoughtful, calm way using Positive Discipline, I get 100% better results.”

“I think I have reconnected with my child and am more skillful at navigating the challenges that come up. I also think I am more forgiving of myself when I do something I’m not proud of and am able to talk to my child about it…hopefully teaching him many good things.”

“I like very much [the changes in our family] and think it will only get better. I already have less anxiety about the teenage years.”

“We are so pleased with the Positive Discipline tools we have put to use and come to rely on. My whole way of thinking and approach to parenting has shifted and I actually like myself again. The biggest shift has been in the fact that we are teaching our daughter to be more ‘accountable’.”

“The communication is more open and there is more understanding and sharing. I love the changes.”

“I am more calm and engaging with my children. They are more likely to talk to me about issues they are having.”